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Weaving Biography — BioEnergetics — and Conscious Awareness

Have you stopped to think about it recently?

Every day, every activity, every breath — weaves the story of our life — our biography — a bit more.  

Through the presence of life within our body — the bioenergetic essence of us — we are able to live & love more fully into each moment of our lives.

Weaving Biography provides you with a variety of pathways to enhance your living awareness & experience, bringing you greater peace and flow within and throughout your life and body.

Biography — your relationship to your life

Our lives are full of experiences.  We are often so busy living our lives, we haven’t taken the time to stop and see the ‘story of our life’ from a larger perspective.  Biography classes offer just that — an opportunity to gain perspective and see one’s life with greater clarity.

BioEnergetics — your relationship to your body

How are you feeling within your body and life today?  Do you have the health and vitality you desire?  Our relationship to our body is reflected in our BioEnergetics — in how our energy moves within us.  A BioEnergetic session can assist you in experiencing greater balance, flow, vitality and presence.  It can enhance your life experience on many levels — physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Consciousness Awareness — your relationship to your attention

Where does your attention go? Does it take you on a journey or are you leading the way? The placement and focus of our attention is an essential ingredient in determining how we experience our lives. Discover perspectives and explore your own experience of attention and awareness through Energy Codes® Coaching, a book study or a mentoring relationship to support you as a parent or simply in your life experience.

If you would like to explore any of these threads, please go to the Contact page to express your interest and request a complimentary consultation.